Each CD Blu Ray DVD is checked bit-by-bit from a professional machine. So you can be confident that your copy will be 100% perfect

Which media do we use?
Disc with content:
You supply your content to us. CDCLICK will burn your discs.

Printed blank disc:
Choose this option if you wish to be able to duplicate your own content, but you still want your blank discs to be professionally printed. We print your disc art on high-quality CD DVD Blu Ray and you burn your content as needed.

Difference between Duplication and Replication
Duplication is enabled for the production of CD DVD Blu Ray discs from 1 to 1000;
production time: Overnight (1 business days) | Fast (2 business days) | 5 business days

Replication (Glass Master):
Replication is enabled for the production of CD DVD Blu Ray discs from 300 to 1000; production time: 12 business days;

Difference between Duplication and Replication:
Replicated discs (often referred to as pressed discs by glass master) are created by physically pressing your data into the surface of the disc, whereas duplicated discs (often referred to as burned discs) encode your data onto the disc by burning microscopic holes into the dye layer of a recordable CD or DVD. Replicated discs are the standard for major commercial releases; however, duplicated discs have lots of advantages, too.
Replication is most cost effective on orders of over 300 discs. Duplication is most cost effective on orders of fewer than 300 discs and can be significantly faster than replication on shorter runs.