Shrink/Poly Wrap:

Poly/Wrap: professional cell-wrap for cd jewel case (10mm) and dvd box standard (14mm); Shrink/Wrap: for all the others packaging (cd slim box, dvd slim box, jacket, brochure, digipack and others)


Do you need a professional package finish? this is the right choice: the lamination can be Matt (recommended for the digipack) or Glossy (recommended for the brochure-cardboard). The lamination can be used only with cardboard packaging. Replication packaging can use UV Glossy or Matt finish.

File pre-check:

Check in advance if your files are compliant for production, you will save time in case of problems during printing.

With File pre-check we'll notify you in advance in case of any problem in files format. This way you'll still have all the time to send us the correct versions with no production delay.

Handling with graphic files
Service Graphic Design

Video-DVD Copy Protection:

Stop others ripping your DVD.
It's a little investment that protect your DVD from unathorized copying
. Check this box to have "DUPE-LOCK" installed in your Video DVD. DUPE-LOCK protect your Video DVD from being copied by the most popular ripping programs. “Dupe-Lock” anti-rip, DVD copy protection software helps content owners protect their digital assets. This passive solution encapsulates video files on a DVD causing access to the content by common ripping programs to be controlled. This is achieved by introducing copy control encapsulation in areas of the disc that are not read by DVD players during playback. Complying with the DVD standard, the original content is not modified in any way and play-back quality remains unaffected.

Print Merge | Serial number:

Print Merge: Each disc with a different name,address,phone;
Serial Number: Each disc with a different serial number (ie: sn:001; 002; 003).

More on Print Merge and Serial Number

Barcode (EAN/UPC):
A bar code is required for all retail sales - both in stores and online.

By checking this box, you buy the unique ISRC code of your album.
The ISRC (International Standard Code of Registration) provides a means to ensure the uniqueness of audio and music, identifying them internationally.

Upload Album on CDDB:
We're often asked, "When my fans put my CD in their player, will my album title and track names show up?" The short answer is, it depends on what kind of player they're using and on what steps you've taken before they put it in the player.
If they're putting your CD into an internet-enabled device (such as a computer), the computer is accessing an online database to match your information to your CD. The information they see does NOT come from your actual CD. There are a couple major databases, and Gracenote is the largest.
To ensure that your CD song names will be visible on devices such as iTunes we encourage you to register your album with Gracenote or, even better, if you select this otption, we’ll register your Album in Gracenote.

Do you need that your Audio CD information (like artist, title) will be read by audio players? (such as car players).
If you play you audio cd without CD-TEXT you see general information (like track1, track2..), but if you want that your audio player read all the information (title, artist...) you need CD-TEXT.
If you use CDCLICK i-Studio (our software) you can import audio and edit the CD-TEXT, or if you can't do it, by selecting CD-TEXT will do it for you.