Audio Mastering:

Mastering isn't a luxury or an add-on. It's the required, final step in all professional audio production. Your recording engineer has done their best to get your music sounding as good as possible in the studio. But, without mastering, your fans won't hear the music as you intended.

You can choose between digital mastering with LANRD, or analog mastering made by GLI ARTIGIANO STUDIO, which will allow you to get the best from your tracks according to your preference and your music genre.

CDCLICK is LANDR partner, the only professional online mastering service that can extract the best out of your music in a few simple steps.
Click here and register on LANRD. You will receive, through CDCLICK, two free WAV mastering!.

CDCLICK in collaboration with "Gli Artigiani Studio" (Pro Mastering Studio Service) offer a professional mastering service, useful (must do) for indie music artist (Rock, Pop, Punk, Indie, Jazz ...).
Behind "Gli Artigiani Studio" works Daniele Sinigallia , musician and sound engineer who has created many CD Audio with professionalism that are unmatched.
The strength of Daniele: listening carefully every single song, and check with high expertise which technique to use for your mastering so that your CD Audio can play in the best way everywhere all the time.

Some projects made by Daniele:


"Non Erano Fiori"


Francesco di Bella
"Francesco di Bella & The Ballads Café"


Francesco Forni & Ilaria Graziano
"Come to Me"


Riccardo Sinigallia
"Per Tutti"


  • Mastering with LANDR
  • FREE the first two WAV mastering
    The others according to the plan you have choosen.

  • Register now to receive your free WAV tracks, and explore all the potentiality offered by LANDR

  • Analog Mastering
  • €50 First Track
    add €50 each additional track

  • EQ & compression applied with art and science. Frequencies are refined for maximum sonic flavor by skilled engineers using professional equipment to give your project radio-ready sound, from beginning to end.
  • 3-5 business days
  • Volume Leveling
  • Analog Compression
  • Enhanced Volume / Frequency
  • EQ
  • 1 Revision
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What should I do?

What are the limits of a Mastering Engineer?

A mastering engineer typically won't be able to make changes to individual elements in your songs, that is almost always a mixing change. When submitting your mixes keep in mind if you don't like how loud your vocal, guitar or awesome synth is, make sure it's right before you send it in. If you don't and mastering doesn't fix the issue, you'll have to submit a new mix. And every time you do that, it will be considered a brand new order.

Can I make revisions (and what counts as a revision)?

Each order comes with an optional one round of free revisions. Any additional revisions past that will incur an extra charge. Any change that requires the submission of a new mix to our service is not eligible to be part of the revision process (the reason is that our engineers incorporate the use of outboard gear and every time they get a new mix, they have to start the mastering process over). As such, it will be treated as a brand new order.

How loud will my songs be?

That is entirely up to you. When you set up your mastering project, you'll have the opportunity to cite sample songs for our engineers to use as a reference for overall loudness, EQ and anything else you like. Be as detailed in your description as possible and if there is anything that needs further clarification from you or us, we will be sure to contact you.

What File types do you accept?

We only will accept uncompressed .WAV or .AIFF/.AIF files. We prefer .WAV files, but will accept only .AIFF/.AIF as an alternative.



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